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All haircuts come with light detailing around the edges and ears, which includes warm shaving cream, a straight razor shave, and witch hazel or scented aftershave to close the pores and prevent irritation. Complimentary ear, eyebrow, and mustache trims are provided in addition to a hot towel to complete your service, if needed. Prices are for men, women, kids, and adults. Estimated cut time is about 30+ minutes. Wait times may vary.

Standard haircut pricing starts at $25. Haircuts requiring additional time or detail will have an additional cost based on the specific request. 

Haircuts $25

Regular Cut

Regular Cut starts with clipper over comb on the sides and back with scissors on the top.

College Cut

College Cut starts with clippers of the desired length on the sides, back, and scissors on top.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut starts and finishes with clippers of the desired length on the sides, back, and top. 


Bald Fades utilize a straight razor around the ear and taper from longer hair to no hair closest to the neckline and ears.

Specialty Haircuts $30

Flat Top

Flat Tops are a true test of skill in the world of barbering. If you’re looking for a true flat top, you’ve found the right place.


Head shave with hot leather & straight edge, for the amazing Mr. Clean feeling.

Regular Cut with Extra Detail

A Regular Cut with extra detailing provides additional time perfecting the edges, upon request.

Facial Shaves

FOIL Shave $25*

A foil razor shave is a relaxing way to get a close cleanup. Service includes hot towels, and after shave – scented on unscented. This is a new service and *starts at $25.

Luxury Facial Shave $50

A traditional old fashioned straight razor shave comes with warm shaving cream, a relaxing facial massage, facial cream, 3 hot towels, and after shave – scented on unscented. .

Other Services


Detailing is defined as a brief clean up around the ears and back of the neck, bang trim, or a simple straight razor shave around the edges. *Starting at

Detailed Beard Trim $15*

Detailed Beard Trims include shaving with a straight razor around the edges with hot lather and towels.

Package Deals & Events

Bridal Parties

We gladly accept bridal parties with a reservation. Please provide how many people in your party and how many haircuts and facial shaves desired.